Lyla helping make cinnamon swirl bread.

Becoming a Bakery

“We’re the recipe girls, right mommy?”


Lyla, my four-year-old daughter, had looked up at me during one of our many baking sessions and asked the question that started it all.


After one too many bowls of pasta and the development of my gluten allergy, I had to transition into a gluten free diet. Living in a rural area of Illinois and on the island of St. Croix, USVI, I found a lack of good gluten free options for a sugar fiend like myself. That was the beginning of my gluten free baking journey.

Making our Mark

I tested recipe after recipe, even bringing some to my coworkers and sending my husband to work with loads of goodies for his coworkers. Little did they know that the baked goods they kept coming back for were gluten free!


Eventually I spilled the beans about my gluten free goodies and still had people coming back for more! Everyone was shocked that gluten free could be so… delicious!


While we are currently supplying the Bloomington-Normal area with our gluten free goodies and offering some delivery options between the local markets, we are actively looking to move out of our at-home kitchen and into a separate building. Stay tuned for some exciting gluten free news!


When I first started my gluten free lifestyle, I had never anticipated I would be opening my own gluten free bakery. So, to answer my daughter’s question, we are The Recipe Girls!

Drue posing behind her stand.